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Who Cares about the Environment in 2012?

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By Office of Environment and Heritage       

Find out what NSW residents think about the environment at a free public seminar run by the Office of Environment and Heritage.

You are invited to attend a free seminar or webinar on the findings of the soon to be released Who Cares about the Environment in 2012? social research.

The longest running tracking survey of its type in Australia, the Who Cares about the Environment? research series charts the environmental knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of people in NSW. It has been conducted every three years since 1994, making this the seventh survey in the series.      

The research provides an insight into what the community thinks, knows and does about a range of environmental issues, and how this has changed over time. It explores:

•           the top environmental concerns of people in NSW. 

•           what underlies people's concern or lack of concern. 

•           views about a range of environmental issues relating to biodiversity, water, waste, air quality and other issues.

•           what environmental activities people are doing and why.

The webinar will be useful for anyone who engages the community on environmental matters, including state government, local councils, NGOs, community groups, businesses and educators.

Register for the online webinar on Tuesday, 30 April 2013 at 10.00am – 11.30am.

For more information, contact Fiona Curley or Lynne McLoughlin by email or phone 02 8837 6000.

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